The Art Studio ~ Our Place to Paint                  751-630 8002
4605 Pembroke  Lake Circle #102  VB 23455                        Mary-Pelham White

    Our goal is to offer the finest quality Art Instruction in the Tidewater area through 
                       Workshops & Seminars,  Local Artists & National Teachers
In November 2011, Terry Brunner, my oil painting teacher, and I set out to convert a former civil engineering office into 
Our Place to Paint.  

We found various tables and chairs (17 tables and 70 chairs to be exact!), hung pictures on the walls, arranged two classrooms to utilize the best light, and our class started meeting at The Art Studio.  It has taken on a life of its own and we add people and things to it every day to make it wonderful .........................   keep reading
Terry Brunner, Instructor  &
Mary Pelham White, Director & Facilities Manager
on the day of our Open House for Teachers (picture taken before the food was added!)
In the beginning:   Mary-Pelham

Mary-Pelham has been a student of art for over 10 years, beginning with no particular interest or experience in art, but with a desire to devote an evening a week to an activity with a friend. In that class, she was assigned the medium of Oil. During those years, she has studied with at least 5 teachers and has attended workshops and has tried several mediums including graphite, charcoal, pastels and watercolor. She continues to grow in the world of art, now launching The Art Studio ~ Our Place to Paint.  

Terry Brunner   has been a professional artist over 25 years, having taught classes, seminars and workshops in acrylics and oils in Hampton Roads and cities throughout the United States & Canada.  

Terry’s artwork has won numerous awards and is displayed in galleries in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kansas. In 2008, she painted six large centerpieces for the White House. The pieces were displayed throughout the holiday season and will be displayed in the future at the George W. Bush library in Texas. Her work has been published in magazines in the US, Canada, Australia and Japan. She has illustrated a children’s book, Where’s Cecil? and, in 2007 illustrated the cover of a cookbook. 

She shares her knowledge of painting, color theory and design with hundreds of students each year. Her favorite painting subject is portraits but she also paints and teaches still life, florals, animals and landscapes.  

In 2013 Terrt moved to Raleigh, NC to make her home.

From: I-264  Witchduck Rd exit 16, 
  1. Start out going north on S Witchduck Rd/VA-190 
      cross Virginia Beach Blvd.

  2. S Witchduck Rd/VA-190 becomes Pembroke Blvd.
     (go 0.3 miles)

  3. Turn right onto Pembroke Lake Cir.
     (if you reach Independence Blvd you've gone too far)

  4. The Art Studio @ 4605 PEMBROKE LAKE CIR is on the  left.
                           PHONE:  630-8002

f rom I 264 exit 17 @ Independence Blvd/Pembroke exit , head north

  1.  Cross Virginia Beach Blvd.

  2. pass Pembroke Mall on the right

  3.  travel about a mile

  4. Turn left at the light between Hardees and Wells Fargo Bank           onto Pembroke Blvd.

  5. Pembroke Lake on the left

      pass through row of offices

  6. Enter Pembroke Lakes Office Park

 The Art Studio @ 4605 PEMBROKE LAKE CIR is on the right.
 ESTIMATED TIME: 4 minutes | DISTANCE: 2.32 miles

The design of The Art Studio is based on decades of teaching and learning experience  contributed our great slate of instructors, 

After teaching and studying in other spaces designed for numerous purposes, including 
^  gallery spaces designed for exhibits and sales
^  multi-purpose rooms that convert several times a day to accommodate business or educational seminars
^  spaces which must conform to the schedules and requirements of commercial settings, 
our vision of Our Place to Paint began to take shape.

The Art Studio appeals to both Teacher and to Student  because it has developed with  specifications particuar to studying art

  • excellent lighting
  • spaciousness
  • tables and chairs at the appropriate height
  • portability of tables and chairs to serve small classes and also to serve larger workshops
  • classes scheduled for daytime, evening and weekends
  • a feeling of safety and familiarity that fosters creativity
  • A central location with easy access to the Interstate
directions to  Jerry's Artarama in Fairfield Shopping Center

Leave Pembroke Lake Circle office park,

 turn left onto Pembroke Blvd. and proceed past the 7-11 Store on the left and Rosemont Cemetary on the right.  

Continue on the same road (has become Witchduck Road) and cross Virginia Beach Blvd.

Continue on Witchduck Road, crossing Princess Anne Road, and continuing on what has become Kempsville Road about another mile.  

Turn right into Fairfield Shopping Ctr. just past Hardee's on the right
make a left and then a right, putting you on the south side of the shopping center.

Continue west to Jerry's Artarama,  the last store on that row of stores,

All fees and guidelines are subject to change.  

We reserve the right to determine  suitable  use and appropriate fees which will preserve the  integrity  of the space and 
the  protection  of participants, materials, and art as well as 
conformity to the guidelines of the office park.