The Art Studio  4605 Pembroke Lake Circle #102, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
We're happy to show you our spectacular place to paint!
It's Our Place to Paint
Just off Independence Blvd. our location is safe and secluded, but it's just a mile from Virginia Beach's Town Center. 
The Art Studio is 
* teaching/learning art
*almost any time of day *oil, acrylic, watercolor
*creative, friendly, fun.  
It's about you enjoying painting! 

 can leave works-in-progress hanging on the wall or on a shelf & art materials can be stored here until the next class! 

 It's a bargain! 

Teachers, let us know
if you are interested in joining our Team 
to teach a class or 
 to offer a workshop.

Art Groups, consider this space for your next meeting, seminar or work
Storage~for your art & supplies
Come in and join us
Have a cup of coffee ~ 
Bring your lunch
2 large Classrooms 
Individual Studio ~
Relax in the library
with our 
books & art tools 
Scenes from The Studio!
Kitchen area on first floor
Please sign the Guest Book
Ask questions, express your interests.
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The Art Studio
Pembroke Lake Office Park
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Classroom B is available to Arts Groups for meetings for a nominal rental fee. Note that the classrooms are on the upper level so stairs are a consideration.

TBrunner teaching in one of two classrooms
register for  classes at The Art Studio!
Many of you want to explore painting.  Many of you are accomplished artists and wish to set aside painting time in the company of other artists.   Either way, search this site, send us inquiries or 
ask to register for the class of your choice.

Oil painting with Norma:             6 p.m.  -   9 p.m.  Wed
Acrylic painting :                        10 a.m.  -   1 p.m. Tues
Watercolor painting with Kathy: 9 a.m.   -   1 p.m. Thurs. or Sat 
Drawing with Rowena:                                             Sunday